Virtual web hosting means that multiple web servers are running on a single host computer. It divides the web server into smaller virtual servers which than host thousands of independent web sites. It provides cheaper service than the dedicated web hosting as it relys on the single hosting computer. It also relies on the virtual DNS resolution and allots the unique domain name to each virtual web server.

There are many benefits of virtual web hosting. Some of these are explained below:

  1. Friendly control panel: The control panel helps in organizing the several tasks. This includes: adding the users, initiating and ending the services, domain, performing backups and applying for the IP address.
  2. Web service plug-ins: Virtual servers allow you to select from the pre-packaged web service plug-ins. It facilitates you with flawless interaction with domain registration, security and payment services.
  3. Security: No other virtual server can have access to your memory space and the private data files. Even no one can know that how many and who are available on the same server. You can save your important data in the most secure manner with virtual servers.
  4. Complete control: Virtual servers provide you Telnet or SSH accesses that can let you enjoy complete control over the applications, background processes and other runs.
  5. Quality of service: Virtual servers guarantee, the high level service and performance. It also lets you enjoy the full capacity of the server, when other accounts are in idle state.
  6. Economical: As mentioned above, virtual servers are very cheap and affordable. They are more powerful and flexible than other hosting services as well as come in attractive price tags.

If you are planning to acquire any web hosting service for promoting your small business, than you should go for the virtual web hosting service.