If you read my latest article, you now know how to build a forum with SMF in a few steps. According to a recent research by builtwith.com, SMF is the most used free forum platform, a widely adopted solution worldwide also because ready available in multiple languages.

I suggested Startaza as forum theme, because looking nice, professional and responsive.
If you want another alternative for your forum appearance you can also use Sketchzoo, that is the latest theme from the same developers of Startaza.

Sketchzoo seems addressed to webmasters having a forum with many images and photos. With its gray tones the theme looks like the canvas of an artist, ready to welcome and emphasize all the pictures of your members. With its sketch icons it’s like the sketcher’s hand’s right there on the page, weighing up what drawing next.

The theme has also several additional configuration settings and places dedicated to your ads, to help with the monetization of your forum.

More details of Sketchzoo heredemodownload.